Electrophysiological & biochemical neural data for C. elegans?

Paul Fawcett paulf at manor.demon.co.uk
Tue Jun 8 21:51:50 EST 1993

       I  would  like  to  know  what  is  the current minimum size of
       individual neurons from which it is possible to collect electro
       physiological  and  biochemical  data?  I  believe  that  until
       recently it has been impossible to study  these  properties  in
       the CNS of the nematode 'Caenorhabditis elegans' because of its
       minute measure.

       Could someone bring me up to date  on  recent  developments  by
       suggesting  a  reference or two that address this issue, either
       in general or ideally with respect to C. Elegans.

       Many thanks,


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