Behavioral Pharmacology Lab Research Assistant Wanted

HEWLETWA at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu HEWLETWA at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu
Wed Jun 16 16:56:54 EST 1993

RA-II- Job description
Obsessive Compulsive Research Laboratory

1. Purpose of position:  We seek an individual to carry out studies of 
animal physiology, pharmacology, and behavior.

2.  Education and experience:
A.  Bachelor's Degree or equivalent experience.

B.  Individual must have at least 2 years experience working directly
with laboratory animals including at least one year experience with 
animal surgical procedures.  

3.  Comments:  Our laboratory is engaged in basic research on the
 biology of compulsive behaviors.  We are looking for an individual who
 can work semi-independently to both carry out existing procedures,
 and to set up new procedures, with supervision, based on
 methodologies existing in the laboratory, or in the scientific literature.
  This individual will perform catheterization and/or stereotaxic
 procedures on small animals, carry out invivo pharmacologic,
 physiologic or behavioral studies, collect fluid samples and/or monitor
 behavior as required, sacrifice animals, dissect or prepare brain
 tissues for biochemical or histologic studies, and enter relevant data
 into the computer for analysis.

Individuals experienced with the catheterization and stereotaxic
 surgical procedures required for these experiments, will be most
 highly valued.  Experience with animal behavioral experiments is
 highly valued.  Experience with animal pharmacologic/physiologic
 procedures also valued. Biochemical/histologic laboratory experience
 not required, but familiarity with the use of required laboratory
 equipment will be beneficial.  Individual must be able to work
 amicably with others, and must be able to respect and accommodate the
 needs of others in the laboratory.  Technical competence, organized
 record keeping, and scientific integrity are absolute requirements for
 this position.  

4.  Email CV's to: 
	hewletwa at ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu

    or mail to:
	William A. Hewlett, Ph.D., M.D.
	AA2210 MCN
	Vanderbilt University Medical Center
	Nashville, TN 37215

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