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>If anyone has any advice on the subject of migraines/migraine
>treatment, I greatly appreciate it.  I would like, if possible, to
>help a close friend.  Are there any new treatment options?  Her
>migraines range from mild to very serious.  There is a history on her
>mother's side of the family of migraines.  All symptoms go away after
>menopause(obviously, indicating a hormonal connection).  Through
>experience, the only treatment has apparently been prevention(lower
>doses of morphines, other pain killers), avoidance of certain
>foods(red grape products, chocolate, etc.), avoidance of long exposure
>to smoke filled environments, along with limited success in
>"non-traditional medicine".  Once a full migraine sets in, the only
>treatment options are very high doses of demerol/synthetic morphines.
>Thank you in advance for any help.  If possible, send as e-mail; I
>will summarize if any interest.


Hi!  Have your friend go to a neurologist and get a prescription for 
Imetrex - it is new, it is wonderful and I wonder how I got along without 
it.  I get 2 different kinds of migraines, and am now taking amytriptyline 
daily which is cutting the frequency down.  Imetrex is an injectable drug (
self injectable) that you give yourself when you feel a migraine starting.  
It's wonderful - your muscles tighten for about 15-20 minutes (not 
painfully, just noticeably), and by the time the muscles unlock, at least 
with me, the migraine is gone.  Since I have been using Imetrex, I have had 
7 migraines start, 6 of them were prevented/gotten rid of by this new 
migraine med.  Most important tho, is to go see a good neurologist!

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