From neurobiological to computational models - State of the art?

DEFRANCESCO Massimo massimo at cui.unige.ch
Fri Jun 18 09:33:22 EST 1993

Hello netland,

I need your precious help to find out what is the state of the art
in neuromodelling of the human brain AND derivation from the neurological
model of "practical", computer-oriented, artificial neural network
models.  We are going to start a research that will a) study the 
behaviour of real neurons at the neurophysiological level, b) develop
a theoretical (biological) model able to explain the observations, 
and c) develop from it an artificial neural network (ANN) model usable in 
practical applications.
We are aware of at least one ANN model which was heavily derived from 
neurophysiological investigations of neurons in the hyppocampus, i-e. the
Dystal model (Alkon et al).  

We are heavily interested in references/pointers to any work of this kind.
Email is preferred because faster. Feel free to post anyway. 
I will compile a summary of the answers that I'll receive privately.

Thank you a lot.

Massimo de Francesco		email: massimo at cui.unige.ch
Research assistant
Computer Science Center
University of Geneva

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