From neurobiological to computational models - State of the art?

Richard E. Myers rmyers at ics.uci.edu
Fri Jun 18 13:07:37 EST 1993

> I need your precious help to find out what is the state of the art
> in neuromodelling of the human brain AND derivation from the neurological
> model of "practical", computer-oriented, artificial neural network
> models.

I recommend that you to a look at the work of Gary Lynch and Richard
Granger.  I've include below some references to their work.  

  -- Richard

1. Gluck MA; Granger R.
     Computational models of the neural bases of learning and memory.
   Annual Review of Neuroscience, 1993, 16:667-706.
     (UI:  93213082)
     Pub type:  Journal Article; Review; Review, Academic.

2. Ambros-Ingerson J; Granger R; Lynch G.
     Simulation of paleocortex performs hierarchical clustering.
   Science, 1990 Mar 16, 247(4948):1344-8.
     ABSTRACT available.  (UI:  90193697)

3. Granger R; Lynch G.
     Higher olfactory processes: perceptual learning and memory.
   Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 1991 Aug, 1(2):209-14.
     ABSTRACT available.  (UI:  92330264)
     Pub type:  Journal Article; Review; Review, Tutorial.

4. Anton PS; Lynch G; Granger R.
     Computation of frequency-to-spatial transform by olfactory bulb glomeruli.
   Biological Cybernetics, 1991, 65(5):407-14.
     ABSTRACT available.  (UI:  92075782)

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