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Michael Hucka hucka at engin.umich.edu
Mon Jun 21 16:34:06 EST 1993

>>>>> On 17 Jun 1993, Mike Shannon (shannon) wrote: 

  shannon> Here is an example where someone is citing an article,
  shannon> and I was wondering why so many people post articles
  shannon> in this format?  Is this format the input or output
  shannon> of a popular 'biblio search' program?

  shannon> @ARTICLE{stryker:91,
  shannon> AUTHOR = {Michael P. Stryker},
  shannon> TITLE = {Seeing the Whole Picture},
  shannon> JOURNAL = {Current Biology},
  shannon> YEAR = 1991,
  shannon> VOLUME = {1},
  shannon> NUMBER = {4},
  shannon> PAGES = {252--253},
  shannon> }

This is the format for BibTeX bibliographies.  It is widely used with LaTeX,
a powerful and free document preparation system.  BibTeX is free and works on
Unix systems; ports of BibTeX are available for Macs and DOS machines.  I
believe some other programs can work with BibTeX input files but I don't know
which ones.

You can contact the TeX Users' Group for more info, or use archie to locate
bibtex sources, or poke around on some of the major ftp servers carrying TeX
and LaTeX files (e.g., labrea.stanford.edu, archive.cs.ruu.nl).  If you're
going to do anything with TeX/LaTeX I strongly urge you to get a copy of the
list of frequently asked questions (FAQ).  For this, look in the directory
/pub/usenet-by-group/comp.text.tex on host pit-manager.mit.edu.

The users' group info is:

TeX Users Group
PO Box 9506
Providence, RI  02940-9506
tug at math.ams.com
-- Mike
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