Mother-of-all-bibtex files (Neurobiology)

Tony Zador zador-anthony at CS.YALE.EDU
Mon Jun 21 14:03:56 EST 1993

I would love to find the mother-of-all bibtex files for neurobiology,
one that has all the papers i want to cite. In fact, the best would be
a fileter for converting the results of medline (or some other)
database search into bibtex.

I'd also be particlarly happy with one organized according by subject.
My top picks would be 1.computational neurobiology; 2. hipppocampal
physiology; 3. channel biphysics; 4. calcium imaging/physiology.

Does anyone know whether this exists? Does anyone care to send me
their bibtex database on these subjects?

Tony Zador
zador at cs.yale.edu

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