Graduate Student Outreach Conference--PLEASE READ

Victoria Simon simon_v at msupa.pa.msu.edu
Tue Jun 22 11:27:57 EST 1993

			Graduate Student Outreach Conference
		Hosted by Science Theatre of Michigan State University
			"Where Science Takes the Stage"

If you or any graduate (or undergraduate) students visit schools or your 
community in an effort to demonstrate the fun of science (or you have 
thought about it) this is the conference for you.  I am not in charge of 
this conference (simply relaying the information) so you'd have to check for 
certain but I thinkthe only costs involved are a $15 registration fee and 
your travel to East Lansing.  (There are a few travelgrants available for 
those whose departments aren't willing to pay and provide a letter stating 
that.)  Meals, room and lots of "goodies" are funded through grants.

REPLY BY JULY 10!!!   (If you read this after that date, feel free to contact
 us but the conference may be full.)

Science Theatre has been bringing science to the public for over two years 
with their "put fun into science" approach.  Graduate students from the 
Department of Physics and Astronomy at Michigan State University have wowed 
audiences throughout Michigan with their mind-boggling demos and dramatic 
stage shows.  In an effort to spread their success, Science Theatre will be 
hosting a conference for graduate students July 30-August 1 in East Lansing MI.

The purpose of this three day conference will be to showcase the various 
demonstrations and stage presentations that Science Theatre and other 
outreach groups have been bringing to the public in an effort to promote 
science literacy and enjoyment of science in the community and to help other 
groups begin their own outreach programs.  Participants will be given 
supplies and will make their own demonstrations covering everything from the 
standard "quickies" to the quite unusual.

Other information such as how to obtain funding for outreach activities from 
various agencies and institutions, where to find demonstration equipment, as 
well as how to coordinate possible events for the community will also be 
presented.  Limited funding is available.  

Abstracts deadline is July 1, 1993

Sponsored by the William F. and Edith R. Meggars Project Award of the AIP.

For more information contact Danielle Casavant or Jennifer Discenna, Sci
(517) 336-3680

Email to casavant at msupa.pa.msu.edu
or discenna at msupa.pa.msu.edu

You can "reply" directly to me but I will be out until June 29 and am not as 
capable of responding to your questions, etc. as they are.


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