The existence of excitatory self-recurrent connections in auditory cor

William Calvin wcalvin at stein.u.washington.edu
Mon Jun 28 10:18:41 EST 1993

tzhang at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Tao Zhang) writes:

>As Douglas et al. (1989) proposed, there exists excitatory self-recurrent 
>connections in the visual cortex. I wonder if the similar connections exists in
>the auditory cortex?

The superficial pyramids, in all areas of neocortex, seem to be
recurrently excitatory.  See J.S. Lund et al, "Comparison of intrinsic
connectivity in different areas of macaque monkey cerebral cortex,"
CEREBRAL CORTEX 3:148-162 (March/April 1993).  And, at least in visual
cortex, they are in all primates and cats.  The only failure to find the
same pattern is, it is said, in rats.
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