Noninactivating Na^+ channels (particularly in thalamocortical cells).

Gene Wallenstein wallenstein at WALT.CCS.FAU.EDU
Tue Jun 29 23:49:35 EST 1993

	I am trying to locate any papers on the kinetics of noninactivating
Na^+ channels, particularly those found in thalamocortical cells (for
instance, see Janhsen and Llinas, 1984a,b). This current has been found
to be crucial in the development of plateau potentials, and is instrumental
in the counterbalance of several K^+ currents, which can serve to shift the 
"mode" of the cell's responsivity between tonic and burst firing. I have
been able to derive forward and backward rate equations governing the
activation and inactivation of most of the known currents of these cells, 
but I'm still looking for either papers or data on the noninactivating Na^+
current as well as the calcium-dependent K^+ conductance. Any assistance
in either form would be greatly appreciated. I don't neccessarily need
a Boltzman equation, but something along the lines of h_inf, m_inf and their
associated time constants would be wonderful.

		Thanks in advance,

			Gene Wallenstein
			Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences
			Florida Atlantic University
			Boca Raton, FL. 33431 USA
			Wallenstein at Walt.ccs.fau.edu

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