What is Neurometrics??

Dag Stenberg stenberg at klaava.Helsinki.FI
Wed Mar 3 12:47:07 EST 1993

anderst at bio.embnet.se wrote:
> 	All sorts of INFO on an EEG-technique called
> 	neurometrics are very much appreciated.
> 	Since I'm not a regular NEWS-reader, please
> 	forward the comments directly to me as well.
I already sent Aners some references on this technique, but I want to
list here what I believe is the first massive publication:

John,E.Roy, and 15 other authors,
Neurometrics. Numerical taxonomy identifies different profiles of brain
functions within groups of behaviorally similar people. 
Science 1977, 196: 1393-1410.

Another great publiaction was in press at the time: 
John,E.R. and Thatcher,R.W. (eds.), Functional Neuroscience, vol.2, 
Neurometrics, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Hillsdale, N.J.

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