Catecholamine RIA

Douglas Fitts dfitts at carson.u.washington.edu
Sun Mar 7 09:40:46 EST 1993

Our department has recently hired a resource person to do several
RIAs.  One of the most important to the project he was hired on
(not mine, fortunately) was urinary catecholamines.  So far, every
assay he has found generates what he considers to be too much 
mixed waste.  Space is at a premium in our department, so we have
little storage area, but as I read it he thinks he's in a 
Catch-22 between University and Federal regulations.  That is, 
the U. says get rid of all radioactive waste within a specified time --
even small amounts.  The Feds say no, you can't transport waste,
and you can't keep more than x amount in local storage.  Therefore,
he has convinced his benefactor that he can't do the main assay
he was hired for.  As a consequence, he has recommended getting rid
of the beta scintillator and buying a HPLC instead.  

Is this all true?  Is it the way to go?  It seems I see catecholamine 
RIAs all the time.  How do others get around this?

Thanks for any pointers.  We're a Psychology Department and few of
us have explicit hands-on training in this area.


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