Good textbooks on developmental neurobiology?

Michiaki Masuda masuda at fcs280b.ncifcrf.gov
Sat Mar 6 23:29:18 EST 1993

   I am working on a murine retrovirus that causes rapidly progressive
spongiform neurodegeneration and a subsequent paralytic disease in rats 
and mice.
   In the course of the study, I started to feel the necessity to familiarize
myself with the developmental neurobiology of rodents. I wonder if
there is any netter in this group who could recommend me some good
textbooks on this topic. With the word, "good", I mean "comprehensive,
updated, yet not encyclopedia-like."

   I'd appreciate your cooperation.

   Thank you.

Michiaki Masuda
Laboratory of Molecular Oncology
National Cancer Institute
Frederick, MD 21702-1201
e-mail: Masuda at ncifcrf.gov

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