PSP kinetics

John Anderson anderson at CSHL.ORG
Mon Mar 8 13:43:22 EST 1993

I tried to post this last Friday, but I think it may not have made it
to the net due to work going on here and at net.bio.net.  My apologies
if this is a duplication.

I am interested in the kinetics of postsynaptic potentials and action
potential generation, and I have some perhaps elementary questions
about them.  I've looked in several neuroscience textbooks and missed
this information if it's there.

1) How does depolarization of the postsynaptic membrane, say by
increasing the extracellular potassium, affect the rate at which an
EPSP peaks and the amplitude at the peak?

2) How does depolarization as in question 1 affect how quickly the
postsynaptic cell generates an action potential?

3) Do larger EPSPs cause action potentials to be generated sooner than
smaller EPSPs?

I'd also appreciate pertinent references.  Please respond by email
directly to me or to neuroscience at net.bio.net as we don't get all of
the postings to the bionet.neuroscience newsgroup.

Thanks for your help

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