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> In article <93069.100542IO20903 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU>, <IO20903 at MAINE.MAINE.EDU> writes:
> |> I hope someone here can be of assistance:
> |> I am an UG at U of Maine in a neurobiology class and must write
> |> a final paper where I attemp to explain the phenomena of some
> |> malfunction in terms of proteins, chan., etc.
> |> This involves promoting my own theory (right or wrong) about
what is occuring. > |>
> |> I though about ALS.
> |>
> If you are interested in doing a paper about the current state of
knowledge on ALS, you MUST start with the article which just appeared
in this week's Nature, implicating the superoxide dismutase gene
(SOD) as the culprit in ALS.
Good luck.  Sounds like a great topic.
Actually the suggestion to get this article is all fine and dandy but
that copy of Nature was announced this past week and should only
arrive in our mailboxes in the next 10 days.

Of course, if you are a personal friend of Guy Rouleau (Montreal
General Hospital, Montreal, Canada), you could circumvent the time
lag and ask him to FAX a copy of the manuscript to you.

It is a great piece of work though.  Now someone has to go out there
and get the genetic basis for the spontaneous form of ALS.

- ivan

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