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David M. Olafson rurik at brc.uconn.edu
Fri Mar 12 12:08:24 EST 1993

Richard Romanowski (rmr at acsu.buffalo.edu) writes,

> Hello.  
> 	I am an undergrad in Linguistics and Computer Science, intending
> graduate study in Cognitive Science, particularly including neuroscience.
> 	Could anyone recommend schools which have *interdisciplinary* access
> to neuroscience?  Most of the grad programs I have information on are nice,
> but require a degree in biology.
> 	Also, if in your opinion(s) neuroscience is too difficult for anyone
> who does not have a bachelor's degree in biology, please advise.
> Thank you.
> Richard Romanowski


	I am finishing my undergrad degree in CS this semester, and plan 
to go on to a joint program in Computational Bio this fall.  I've been 
asking around on the network (mostly on computational-biology at net.bio.net)
for the last couple of months, and have gotten a lot of helpful info.  If 
you are specifically looking for Cognitive Science, then you may want to 
look at some of the programs in PA, either UPA or U. Philadelphia - I seem 
to remember that one of those schools has a good (interdisciplinary ?) 
program in neuroscience.  Also, you might want to consider the Center for 
Complex Systems and Brain Sciences at Florida Atlantic University - 
according to one Tom Holroyd who works there, they endeavor to be highly 
interdisciplinary.  I've got a general description of their program 
(from Tom) that I can forward to you if you're interested...

I'll include some of what I've found so far.  I may have e-mail addresses
for some of the places listed below, but I may have to go digging for them.
Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with...


My own detective work  (notes from Peterson's Guide to Graduate Programs)

school								phone
------								------

Virginia Commonwealth University, BioMedical Engr. Program      804-786-2403
Univ of PA (Philadelphia), Dept of BioEngineering               215-898-8501
Boston Univ, BioMedical Engr. Dept                        	617-353-2805
Stanford Univ, Section on Medical Informatics             	415-725-3388

Univ of Washington (Seattle), Center for BioEngineering          
Univ of Virginia (Charlottesville), Dept of BioMed. Engr.	
Washington State University at Pullman.
George Mason University, Fairfax, VA
Cal Tech/UCLA 
U. of Philadelphia Med School 
Washington University (St. Louis) 

* Baylor College of Medicine / Rice / U. Houston - a joint program that is 
  expected to begin this fall.  Contact georgep at rice.edu or davison at uh.edu

excerpt from a note by Lawrence Hunter

* University of Pittsburgh (in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon). A new
  program in computational biology, funded by the Keck Foundation. For
  information on that program, contact Bruce Buchanan
  (buchanan at cs.pitt.edu).

* George Mason University.  A new program in Computational Science and
  Informatics.  [I am currently teaching the bioinformatics course there.]
  For more information, contact Harold Morowitz (hmorowitz at gmuvax.gmu.edu)
  or John Evans (jevans at gmuvax2.gmu.edu).

* Washington State University, Pullman.  A program in computational science
  including biology that has been going for at least three years.  For more
  information, contact Keith Dunker (dunker at bobcat.csc.wsu.edu).

* Washington University, St. Louis.  They have just instituted a new
  Institute for Biological Computing, which will begin admitting students
  next fall.  For more information contact David States
  (states at wucs1.wustl.edu).

* Stanford Medical School.  One of the nation's best medical informatics
  programs, recently hired Russ Altman to teach computational biology.  For
  information, contact Ted Shortliffe (shortliffe at sumex-aim.stanford.edu)

* Yale Medical School.  Also has expanded its informatics program to include
  computational biology.  For information, contact Perry Miller
  (pmiller at biomed.med.yale.edu)

Well, hope this helps.


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