undergrad request for good grad programs

marotta at vaxr.sscl.uwo.ca marotta at vaxr.sscl.uwo.ca
Fri Mar 12 13:17:22 EST 1993

Hi there,
I can tell you about the Neuroscience program I am in at The University
of Western Ontario.  We've got an interdisciplinary program here, my 
background happens to be in Psychology, but our other students vary
greatly in their backgrounds.  No biology degree is needed.  We do take
a few core courses but can specialize in our own field of interest.  If you
want specific information you can write our Administrative Assistant 
Susan Bock , Neuroscience Program, SSC. University of Western Ontario,
Ontario, Canada, N6A 5C2.  

I hope I've been helpful,
Jonathan Marotta

In article <C3r7r6.89H at acsu.buffalo.edu>, rmr at acsu.buffalo.edu (Richard M. Romanowski) writes:
> Hello.  
> 	I am an undergrad in Linguistics and Computer Science, intending
> graduate study in Cognitive Science, particularly including neuroscience.
> 	Could anyone recommend schools which have *interdisciplinary* access
> to neuroscience?  Most of the grad programs I have information on are nice,
> but require a degree in biology.
> 	Also, if in your opinion(s) neuroscience is too difficult for anyone
> who does not have a bachelor's degree in biology, please advise.
> Thank you.
> Richard Romanowski
> rmr at acsu.buffalo.edu

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