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Name                       Kumud K. kunjilwar

Present Position           Senior Research Fellow

Academic Back Ground

B.Sc.                      Honors in Physics, Chemistry
                           and Mathematics.

M.Sc.                      Physics

M.Sc.(1985-1987)          Life Sciences(@ JNU)

Ph.D.                     Jawaharlal Nehru University

Research background:-

 Research involves the study of "effects of low-level 
radiofrequency radiation on the brains of developing rats".  Studies
included, calcium-binding and calcium-effluxes in the  brain, signal 
transduction mechanism involving calcium, calcium-dependent  protein 
kinase, calcium-ATPase ,  Na-K-ATPase ,  Acetylcholine  esterase and
morphological  alterations  in cerebral  cortex . At present , I  am 
learning recombinant  DNA  techniques  such as  western and southern 
blottings,agarose gel running, transformation, plasmid  preparations 
(maxi and mini), restriction endonuclease digestions,PCR methodology 
and lambda phage handling,1 and 2-D gelelectrophresis etc. My future
plan to work on a project which involves  studies at molecular level 
to  understand  processes  such  as  learning and memory, aging, and
neuronal diseases such Alzheimer's diseases.


Kumud K. kunjilwar
New Delhi-110 067

Other details like list of referees,publications,awards/memberships etc can be supplied on request.

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