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Thom Cleland thom at crayfish.ucsd.edu
Mon Mar 15 17:57:22 EST 1993

In article <C3r7r6.89H at acsu.buffalo.edu> rmr at acsu.buffalo.edu (Richard M. Romanowski) writes:
>	I am an undergrad in Linguistics and Computer Science, intending
>graduate study in Cognitive Science, particularly including neuroscience.
>	Could anyone recommend schools which have *interdisciplinary* access
>to neuroscience?  Most of the grad programs I have information on are nice,
>but require a degree in biology.
Check us out here at UCSD.  There is a biology department with a neuro
group  (most people have biology undergrad degrees), a Neurosciences
interdisciplinary program  (people have a wide range of undergrad degrees),
and a Department of Cognitive Science.  The Neurosciences program is
flexible enough, I think, that you may well be able to work out something
between the departments if you wish, or just do something cog-sci oriented
within Neurosciences  (or Cog Sci, but they're less neuro, except for a 
couple of psych professors).  There are even a couple of neurolinguists
around, like Ursula Bellugi at the Salk Institute  (who can accept 
Neurosciences graduate students).  Try writing for information:

Beverly Coleman
Neuroscience Program, 0608
University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA 92093-0608

(619) 534-3377

good luck!

>	Also, if in your opinion(s) neuroscience is too difficult for anyone
>who does not have a bachelor's degree in biology, please advise.
Depends what you put into it.  Biology helps  (you'll have to learn it), but
there's a woman in my lab with, you guessed it, a linguistics background.
It works  (she's in the Neurosciences department).  

>Thank you.

A pleasure.

>Richard Romanowski
>rmr at acsu.buffalo.edu

Thom Cleland  (Biology department)
tcleland at ucsd.edu

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