Cystic fibrosis and epilepsy?

raymond fairfield fairfiel at helios.usq.EDU.AU
Thu Mar 18 19:14:12 EST 1993

My teenage daughter has recently been diagnosed as epileptic, on the basis
of two classic grand mal seizures, without any confirmatory evidence from
EEG, CT scan etc.  She suffers from cystic fibrosis, well controlled by
medication + exercise, and we were told there was no link between the two
conditions.  We now find 5 or 6 similar cases in the clinic she has
transferred to in the local state capital city. I don't accept that number
as a coincidence.

Anyone out there with any information / research direction /whatever in
this field?

Ray Fairfield
University of Southern Queensland
Toowoomba, Queensland, AUSTRALIA

email fairfiel at zeus.usq.edu.au

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