Call for Papers: NIPS*93

Bartlett Mel mel at cns.caltech.edu
Fri Mar 26 14:30:22 EST 1993

                                   CALL FOR PAPERS
                        Neural Information Processing Systems
                               -Natural and Synthetic-
                  Monday, November 29 - Thursday, December 2, 1993
                                  Denver, Colorado

          This is the seventh meeting of an  inter-disciplinary  conference
          which brings together neuroscientists, engineers, computer scien-
          tists, cognitive scientists, physicists, and  mathematicians  in-
          terested  in  all  aspects  of neural processing and computation.
          There will be an afternoon of  tutorial  presentations  (Nov  29)
          preceding  the  regular session and two days of focused workshops
          will follow at a nearby ski area (Dec 3-4).

          Major categories and examples of subcategories for paper  submis-
          sions are the following:

          Neuroscience: Studies and Analyses of Neurobiological Systems,
          Inhibition  in  cortical circuits, Signals and noise in neural
          computation, Computational and Theoretical Neurobiology,  Neu-

          Theory:  Computational  Learning  Theory,  Complexity  Theory,
          Dynamical  Systems,  Statistical  Mechanics,  Probability  and
          Statistics, Approximation Theory.

          Implementation and Simulation: VLSI, Optical, Software Simula-
          tors,  Implementation Languages, Parallel Processor Design and

          Algorithms and Architectures: Learning  Algorithms,  Construc-
          tive  and  Pruning Algorithms, Localized Basis Functions, Tree
          Structured Networks, Performance Comparisons,  Recurrent  Net-
          works, Combinatorial Optimization, Genetic Algorithms.

          Cognitive Science & AI: Natural Language, Human  Learning  and
          Memory, Perception and Psychophysics, Symbolic Reasoning.

          Visual Processing: Stereopsis, Visual Motion, Recognition, Im-
          age Coding and Classification.

          Speech and Signal Processing: Speech Recognition, Coding,  and
          Synthesis,  Text-to-Speech,  Adaptive  Equalization, Nonlinear
          Noise Removal.

          Control, Navigation, and Planning:  Navigation  and  Planning,
          Learning  Internal  Models  of the World, Trajectory Planning,
          Robotic Motor Control, Process Control.

          Applications: Medical Diagnosis or  Data  Analysis,  Financial
          and  Economic  Analysis, Timeseries Prediction, Protein Struc-
          ture Prediction, Music Processing, Expert Systems.

          Technical Program: Plenary, contributed and poster sessions  will
          be  held.   There will be no parallel sessions.  The full text of
          presented papers will be published.

          Submission Procedures:  Original research contributions are soli-
          cited,  and  will be carefully refereed.  Authors must submit six
          copies of both a 1000-word (or less) summary and six copies of  a
          separate  single-page  50-100 word abstract clearly stating their
          results postmarked by May 22, 1993 (express mail  is  not  neces-
          sary).  Accepted  abstracts  will  be published in the conference
          program.  Summaries are for program committee use only.   At  the
          bottom  of each abstract page and on the first summary page indi-
          cate preference for oral or poster presentation and  specify  one
          of  the  above  nine  broad  categories and, if appropriate, sub-
          categories (For  example:  Poster,  Applications-Expert  Systems;
          Oral,  Implementation-Analog  VLSI). Include addresses of all au-
          thors at the front of the summary and the abstract  and  indicate
          to  which  author correspondence should be addressed. Submissions
          will not be considered that lack category  information,  separate
          abstract  sheets,  the  required six copies, author addresses, or
          are late.

          Mail Submissions To:

          Gerry Tesauro
          NIPS*93 Program Chair
          The Salk Institute, CNL
          10010 North Torrey Pines Rd.
          La Jolla, CA 92037

          Mail For Registration Material To:

          NIPS*93 Registration
          NIPS Foundation
          PO Box 60035
          Pasadena, CA 91116-6035

          All submitting authors will be  sent  registration  material  au-
          tomatically.   Program  committee  decisions  will be sent to the
          correspondence author only.

          NIPS*93 Organizing Committee: General Chair, Jack Cowan,  Univer-
          sity  of Chicago; Publications Chair, Joshua Alspector, Bellcore;
          Publicity  Chair,  Bartlett Mel, CalTech;  Program  Chair,  Gerry
          Tesauro,  IBM/Salk Institute; Treasurer, Rodney Goodman, CalTech;
          Local  Arrangements,  Chuck  Anderson,  Colorado State  Universi-
          ty;  Tutorials  Chair,  Dave Touretzky, Carnegie-Mellon, Workshop
          Chair, Mike Mozer, University  of  Colorado;  Program  Co-Chairs:
          Larry  Abbott,  Brandeis  Univ,  Chris Atkeson, MIT; A. B. Bonds,
          Vanderbilt Univ; Gary Cottrell, UCSD;  Scott  Fahlman,  CMU;  Rod
          Goodman,  Caltech;  John  Hertz,  NORDITA/NIH;  John  Lazzaro, UC
          Berkeley;  Todd  Leen,   OGI;   Jay   McClelland,   CMU;   Nelson
          Morgan,ICSI;  Steve  Nowlan,  Salk  Inst./Synaptics; Misha Pavel,
          NASA/OGI; Sandy Pentland, MIT;  Tom  Petsche,  Siemens.  Domestic
          Liasons:  IEEE Liaison, Terrence Fine, Cornell; Government & Cor-
          porate Liaison, Lee Giles, NEC Research Institute Inc.;  Overseas
          Liasons: Mitsuo Kawato, ATR;  Marwan Jabri, University of Sydney; 
	  Gerard Dreyfus, Ecole Superieure, Paris;  Alan Murray, University 
	  of Edinburgh;  Andreas Meier, Simon Bolivar U.


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