Call for Workshops: NIPS*93

Bartlett Mel mel at cns.caltech.edu
Fri Mar 26 17:52:19 EST 1993

                                 CALL FOR PROPOSALS
                          NIPS*93 Post-Conference Workshops
                               December 3 and 4, 1993
                                   Vail, Colorado

          Following  the  regular  program  of   the   Neural   Information
          Processing  Systems  1993 conference, workshops on current topics
          in neural information processing will be held on December  3  and
          4,  1993,  in Vail, Colorado.  Proposals by qualified individuals
          interested in chairing one  of  these  workshops  are  solicited.
          Past   topics   have  included:   active  learning  and  control;
          architectural issues; attention; bayesian analysis;  benchmarking
          neural  network  applications;  computational  complexity issues;
          computational neuroscience;  fast  training  techniques;  genetic
          algorithms;   music;   neural   network  dynamics;  optimization;
          recurrent   nets;   rules   and   connectionist   models;   self-
          organization; sensory biophysics; speech; time series prediction;
          vision; and VLSI and optical implementations.

          The goal of the workshops is to provide  an  informal  forum  for
          researchers  to  discuss  important  issues  of current interest.
          Sessions will meet in the morning and in the  afternoon  of  both
          days,  with  free time in between for ongoing individual exchange
          or outdoor activities.  Concrete open and/or controversial issues
          are  encouraged  and  preferred  as workshop topics.  Individuals
          proposing  to  chair  a  workshop  will   have   responsibilities
          including:   arranging  short  informal  presentations by experts
          working on the topic, moderating or leading  the  discussion  and
          reporting its high points, findings, and conclusions to the group
          during evening plenary sessions (the "gong show"), and writing  a
          brief (2 page) summary.

          Submission Procedure:  Interested parties should submit  a  short
          proposal  for  a workshop of interest postmarked by May 22, 1993.
          (Express mail is *not* necessary.  Submissions by electronic mail
          will  also  be  accepted.)  Proposals  should  include a title, a
          description of what the workshop is to  address  and  accomplish,
          and  the  proposed  length of the workshop (one day or two days).
          It should motivate why the topic is of interest or controversial,
          why  it  should  be  discussed  and  what  the  targeted group of
          participants is.  In addition, please send a brief resume of  the
          prospective  workshop  chair, a list of publications and evidence
          of scholarship in the field of interest.

          Mail submissions to:

              Mike Mozer
              NIPS*93 Workshops Chair
              Department of Computer Science
              University of Colorado
              Boulder, CO  80309-0430   USA
              (e-mail: mozer at cs.colorado.edu)

          Name, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and  e-mail  net
          address should be on all submissions.


          Please Post

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