AChE Question--What to DO??

Pravin K Muniyappa pmuniyap at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Wed Mar 31 21:37:25 EST 1993

     I need a little help.  I have been doing some work with the
biochemistry of the Acetylcholinesterase of the horseshoe crab (limulus
sp.).  I have had a little trouble purifying the enzyme.  I have about 5.3
Delta A/min, in a volume of .41 mL.  I have 4 such samples.  Now the
problem.  I have run out of money.  I am a concurrent student at both a
public high school(Finally a senior!!) and a Student at Ohio State. 
Anyway, I have been running this project, and the bio. dept at OSU won't
give me anymore money.  I am on a regional campus, which has few
resources.  I have had to purchase a column, the limulus, and of course
chemicals.  What else can I do [besides the obvious kinetics (V max; and K
sub M; etc.), that will not consume a whole lot of resources, with what
little enzyme I have.  Please respond by email.
                         Thanks in advance,
                            Pravin Muniyappa
PS: The bio. dept budget for the fiscal year is $2000, I have spent $400.
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