Joseph T. Devlin jdevlin at cs.usc.edu
Sun May 2 20:43:57 EST 1993

Nadia you write:

>Just a note to let users of this newsgroups know that the Alzheimer
>Society of Ottawa-Carleton is a National Capital FreeNet information
>provider. We are under the Social Sciences, Health section on the
>main menu of National Capital FreeNet. 

>We would be interested in any information you might like to exchange with
>us that may be of interest to our users and our members.

  What kind of information do you have available and what kind are you
looking for?  My lab here at USC is involved in a good size study of
AD and it's effect on language use as compared to normal elderly.  Chances
are folks here would be interested in sharing some info...

						- Joe

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