Chaotic Intelligence?

Ken Simpson simpson at kronos.arc.nasa.gov
Sun May 9 14:56:51 EST 1993

In article <weberk.736773989 at marsh> weberk at cs.curtin.edu.au (Keven Weber) writes:
>G'day all,
>I'm a postgrad investigating the area of Chaos and especially
>the implications/infuences Chaos has had (or is having) on the
>following research areas:
>   1.  Chaos in brain function
>   2.  Chaos in neural networks (or AI in general)
>   3.  Chaos in multiple-agent (not necessarily human)
>       intelligent behaviour (eg. hive intelligence).
>Any info in this regard (i.e. current research, journal articles etc.)
>will be gratefully accepted.
>Email: weberk at cs.curtin.edu.au
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Regarding chaos in the brain, you may want to look at a series of papers
by Gottfried Mayer-Kress, et. al., at the Center for Nonlinear Studies, 
Los Alamos National Laboratory exploring the dimensionality of EEG signals. 

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