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>I appologize if you got a blank copy of this post (I'm having some trouble with
>I'm trying to find some information on the relative proportions of cells in
>the parvo-blob, parvo-interblob, and magno streams for areas V1 and V2.  Can
>anyone give me refs/info on the proportions of blob:interblob:layer4B cells in
>V1 and thin stripe:inter-stripe:thick stripe in V2?  Thanks much.

I'm not SURE, but your question is of such complexity that I doubt if it's
been explicitly addressed. It may even be unanswerable. But you can 
always estimate! I'll give you something of a start...cell density in 
thesupragranular layers of V1 (macaque) is fairly uniform, while 
thedistribution of the cytochrome oxidase reaction product is not.  I 
havemeasured the volume of blobs in macaques and find that, on average, 15-
20%of layers 2-3 can be classified as 'blob' (or puff, or whatever).  
Granted,defining the 'edge' of a blob is something of a subjective 
experience, but Ithink these values are very ballpark. This would give you a 
1:5 ratio for blob:interblob in V1.  Similar measurements could be made in 
V2 based oncytochrome oxidase distribution. I haven't done this, and know of 
no one who has.  My work was published in Visual Neuroscience (1990, vol 4,
pp185-204).  You might want to check on the work of others counting cells
in various macaque cortical areas.  I don't have the cits at hand, but I 
believe some were to be found in J. Comp Neurol in the 1980's.  Hope this
is helpful. [Let me know what you find out!]

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