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Fri May 14 08:44:29 EST 1993

This is not a subject I know much about, but a few years ago I did a small
project on the effects of aspartame on learning and I came across a few
references you might find useful:

Ferguson, J.M. (1985)  Interaction of aspartame and carbohydrates in an
eating-disordered patient.  Am. J. Psychiatry 142:271.

Walton, R.G. (1986)  Seizure and mania after high intake of aspartame.
Psychosomatics 27:218-220.

Wurtman, R.J. (1983)  Biochemical changes following high-dose aspartame with
dietary carbohydrates.  New England J. Med. 309:429-430.

Sorry these are all older papers.  I seem to recall that Wurtman was doing
a lot of work on aspartame and there may be some more recent publications.


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