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> Subject: Proposed Library of Neurophysiological Signals
> Date: 26 Apr 1993 18:01:15 GMT
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> I am planning the creation of a networked library of neurophysiologic
> signal data.  I am posting this article to determine the level of
> interest in such a library and to get a list of names and e-mail
> addresses of people who might find such a library useful.
> The purpose of this proposal is to provide a network resource library of
> well defined, anatomically mapped neurophysiologic signals, both
> clinical and experimental, recorded from normal and abnormal humans and
> rats.  These signals will include scalp and invasive EEGs from humans
> and experimental EEGs, field potentials, single cell recordings and
> single channel recordings from animals.  I will additionally develop two
> specific research applications utilizing this resource:  nonlinear
> dynamical (chaos) analysis and control of epileptogenic activity, and
> functional mapping of neocortex using subdural electrode arrays.
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> W. Douglas Knowles, Ph.D.  INTERNET:knowled at ccsmtp.ccf.org
> Departments of Neurosciences and Neurology
> Cleveland Clinic Research Institute

Reply:  An interesting idea, though I worry a considerable amount about
validity of data in a database when the conditions of recording are
unknown.  So the evolution of this database is unclear to me at this point.

On the other hand, certainly an interest group might draw together
collaborators who were otherwise unaware of each other.  So I suggest
that the initial database should be investigators and their interests, and
whether they want data or can supply it, or both.
Perhaps each registrant could list keywords that could be used in a
quick database search.  Each registrant might download the whole database
at intervals, for search using whatever tools they have.  This would
simplify the database.

Any comments as to where a bulletin-board interchange might be located?
Are you proposing to have this feature also?

Here at Abratech we are working on dipole models of evoked potentials,
especially the Auditory Brainstem Response.  Early and middle somatosensory
responses are also of interest.  We are also interested in multishell
models and head shape models (boundary or finite element).  We can
generate up to 32 channels of scalp data in humans.
I'll supply more info if this gets moving.

Dr. Don L. Jewett
professor emeritus, Orthopedic Surgery, UCSF.
Director of Research, Abratech corp.
jewett at itsa.ucsf.edu

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