MRI/SPECT 3-D Numerical Map/ Model of Human Brain

Prashanth Mundkur mundkur at FALCON.ENG.UCI.EDU
Mon May 17 16:19:03 EST 1993

I need to know where I can find a complete (or as complete as
possible) set of MRI and SPECT data for the human brain. The brain
should be represented as a 3-D structure, i.e. 2-D MRI / SPECT images
along various sections would have to be integrated into a 3-D set of
data. Of course, this data would apply to the "average" or "normal"
        Something like this was done by L. Hibbard and others at UPenn
for glucose metabolism (CMRglc) in the rat brain. But they had to kill
the rats in order to section the brain into fine slices, from which
X-ray images were generated and then digitized. (The living rats were
first given labelled glucose).  Did Hibbard et. al, or anyone else
extend this basic concept to the human brain?
        A pointer to a FTP site, journal references, names of
researchers, etc. would be appreciated.

--Prashanth Mundkur
Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California, Irvine
CA 92717

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