Trigeminal Neuralgia

William Calvin wcalvin at stein.u.washington.edu
Wed May 19 17:28:31 EST 1993

It is also known as tic douloureux.  There's a chapter on it in my book
THE THROWING MADONNA: ESSAYS ON THE BRAIN (Bantam 1991).  And an excellent
book on the surgical treatment of it (and a variety of other cranial nerve
disorders) by Mark Shelton, called WORKING IN A VERY SMALL PLACE.
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wallenstein at WALT.CCS.FAU.EDU (Gene Wallenstein) writes:

>I am looking for information regarding the sensory disorder called
>"Trigeminal Neuralgia". It is known to cause severe pain in the facial
>area of patients, who sometimes describe it as "feeling like an electric

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