Purine Receptor

Dan Jacobson danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu
Thu May 20 17:30:56 EST 1993

In article <93140.124119U56375 at uicvm.uic.edu> <U56375 at uicvm.uic.edu> writes:
>I am interested in studying p2 receptors for ATP in lymphocytes. (Not A1 or A2)
>. Anyone currently working in this area and interested in collaboration, contac
>t me by E mail or phone. (U56375 or 312-996-6083) Which is the best radioactive
> ligand to test P2 receptor's presence. (refernce, please ).  Raj Krishnaraj

Try pointing your gopher client at merlot.welch.jhu.edu and selecting
the following:

 -->  15. Searching For Biologists/

  -->  2.  Search for All Researchers funded by NIH <?>

and search for -

p2 and receptor

you can further play with your search as the following:

p2 and receptor not a1

and so on.

If you've never heard of gopher don't worry it's free and on
the net.  Write me a note if you'd like info to get started.

Best of luck,

Dan Jacobson

danj at welchgate.welch.jhu.edu

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