Effect of dilantin on Na channels?

Tony Zador zador-anthony at CS.YALE.EDU
Wed May 19 22:39:34 EST 1993

Phenytoin (dilantin) is one of the most widely used anticonvulsants,
but as far as I can tell its mechanism of action is little understood.
Neurology textbooks mutter about it's action on Na channels. Whether
or not this is how it acts to block seizures, it ought to be easy
enough to examine the effect of dilantin on single Na channels, yet I
have not been able to find any published data on this. So my question is:

Have single Na channel studies been done on the action of dilantin,
and if not can anyone fill me in on any technical difficulties
specific to such experiments (other than that experiments are always
harder than you think)?

Tony Zador
zador at cs.yale.edu

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