Information on Neuroscience Databases Requested

Steven L. Wertheim stevew at athena.mit.edu
Wed May 19 22:17:06 EST 1993

>> From: aj383 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Knowles)
>> I am planning the creation of a networked library of neurophysiologic
>> signal data.  I am posting this article to determine the level of
>> interest in such a library and to get a list of names and e-mail
>> addresses of people who might find such a library useful.
>> W. Douglas Knowles, Ph.D.  INTERNET:knowled at ccsmtp.ccf.org
>> Cleveland Clinic Research Institute

In article <HCOBB.93May18092221 at fly2.berkeley.edu> jewett at itsa.ucsf.edu writes:

>On the other hand, certainly an interest group might draw together
>collaborators who were otherwise unaware of each other.  So I suggest
>that the initial database should be investigators and their interests, and
>whether they want data or can supply it, or both.
>Any comments as to where a bulletin-board interchange might be located?
>Dr. Don L. Jewett
>Director of Research, Abratech corp.
>jewett at itsa.ucsf.edu

It seems to me that this newsgroup is the ideal place for exchange of ideas
about construction of databases of brain information.  I maintain a mailing
list at MIT of interested people (around 80), but there has not been much
activity on it recently (brain-database at athena.mit.edu).  I would happily give
up the maintenance chore if everyone found discussion easier here.

Under the Human Brain Project initiative now being coordinated by the NIMH,
there will be groups building databases of brain information from many sources
- anatomy, neurophysiology, clinical imaging, neurochemistry, development,
etc.  How all this information is going to be cross-referenced (much less
synthesized) is very much an unsolved issue.

My personal interest is organizing anatomical information, and I have been
building a multimedia database system (NeuroDatabase) toward that end for
several years.


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