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Ah...time is a pressin and, quite unsurprisingly, I find that I need even
more references for me thesis than the 3 / 400 + wot I've already collected.
This is the first of 2 posts; fairly specialised, but if there is any 
interest I'll post a summary of responses (if any).


I have a lot of papers on microneurography; specifically using metal
microelectrodes to record single unit action potentials from peripheral
nerves, as well as using a number of implanted microelectrodes to record
from dorsal roots and dorsal root ganglia. It has been suggested that 
recordings made from the DRG this way may be used in closed loop control
of FES [Loeb et al, 1980].

I have papers on the analysis of signals recorded thusly, but can anyone point
me to any references that suggest how such recorded signals may be used in
closed loop FES, and any work that has been done on this ?

Thank you.



GE Loeb, B Walmsley, J Duysens. "Obtaining Proprioceptive Information from
Natural Limbs: Implantable Transducers Vs. Somatosensory Neuron Recordings",
In: Physical Sensors for Biomedical Applications, CRC Press, Boca Raton FL,
1980. p 135-149.

PS: I still gotta re-check Medline, and we ain't got BIDS here :(

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