Information on Neuroscience Databases Requested

Markus Kuhn unrza3 at cd4680fs.rrze.uni-erlangen.de
Thu May 20 11:52:15 EST 1993

From: aj383 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Doug Knowles)
> I am planning the creation of a networked library of neurophysiologic
> signal data.

Do you already have a nice standard file format for exchanging/processing/
archiving neurophysiological signal data? I ask this, because I currently
develop an universal file format for storing multi-channel time series
recordings (e.g. EEG, ECoG, MEG, etc.). The format is called EBS (what
this abbreviation means is still a subject of current research, but you
may choose one of the following: Erlangen bio-signal format, extensible
bio-signal format or Einzig Brauchbares System :-).

I'll post a draft specification here in this group in a few weeks, and
perhaps the University of Erlangen will release public domain tools
(including a very nice X Windows System signal analysing tool) and
sample ECoG recording data from epileptic patients with spike and spike-wave
activity in a few months.

Interested? What do you expect from a bio-signal file format? Do you
already use any kind of 'standard' file format?


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