MRI/SPECT 3-D Numerical Map/ Model of Human Brain

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Mon May 24 09:08:20 EST 1993

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> |> I need to know where I can find a complete (or as complete as
> |> possible) set of MRI and SPECT data for the human brain.

	At the 1992 Society for Neuroscience meeting there was persented the

"An MRI-Based Sterotactic Atlas from 250 Young Normal Subjects"

Abstract # 179.4
Authors: A.C.Evans, D.L.Collins and B. Milner
									Montreal Neurological Institute
									3801 University St.
									Montreal, H3A 2B4, Quebec

			In short the scans were resolved into standard anatomical 3-D space and
combined in order to assemble a normal composite. The resulting "maps"
(M/F) are stated to be the first step in developing a 3-D probability map
of gross neuro anatomy.

		Hope this is helpful, more info in Society for Neuroscience Abstract book
or by contacting the authors.

																												Best of Luck,

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