Neural Simulator

William Calvin wcalvin at stein.u.washington.edu
Sun May 23 23:47:56 EST 1993

GENESIS was designed for circuits, but it takes some training to use. 
Inquire of the Caltech people.  Dan Hartline's SYNETSIM is also possible;
see the discussion in that Trends in the Neurosciences issue on neural
modeling (Oct. 92?).
    William H. Calvin   WCalvin at U.Washington.edu

wallenstein at WALT.CCS.FAU.EDU (Gene Wallenstein) writes:

>I'm looking for a neural simulator which has the capacity to 
>model "circuits" based on the cellular level. I've heard about 
>GENESIS but was told that it is designed mainly to model single 
>cells. Are their any decent, hopefully FTPable, packages out their 
>that don't take a gig of disk space yet are still general enough
>to do something like this?

>                Thanks in advance,

>                Gene Wallenstein
>                Center for Complex Systems
>                Florida Atlantic University
>                Boca Raton, FL. 33431 USA
>                Wallenstein at Walt.ccs.fau.edu

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