Single Trial Analysis of Auditory Evoked Potentials

Michael Kisley kisley at ucsu.Colorado.EDU
Fri May 28 12:37:19 EST 1993

I am currently doing research into the statistical variability of the
rat N40 and human P50 evoked potentials.  My analysis involves looking
at single trials, and I am wondering if anyone has any good references
to suggest.  I did see Dr. Barrett's posting, and I have read papers
from D. G. Thomas, C. M. Neer, J. M. Price, and H. J.
Michalewski, D. K. Prasher, A. Starr.  Any other recommendations?

Michael Kisley
Graduate Student
Deptartment of Aerospace Engineering
University of Colorado, Boulder
kisley at visions.colorado.edu  

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