Single Trial Analysis of Auditory Evoked Potentials

Alex A Sergejew aas at BRAIN.PHYSICS.SWIN.OZ.AU
Sun May 30 23:43:22 EST 1993


>I am currently doing research into the statistical variability of the
>rat N40 and human P50 evoked potentials.  My analysis involves looking
>at single trials, and I am wondering if anyone has any good references
>to suggest.

Not so much to do with N40/P50, but there are several groups "down under"
working in the broader area of statistical variability of ERP components.

Anderson, J, et al (1991) "Measurement of maximum variability within event
related potentials in schizophrenia," Psychiatric Research 39:33-44

	attempts to quantify variability of later "cognitive" components

Wright, J, et al (1990) "Inverse filter computation of the neural impulse
giving rise to the auditory evoked potential," Brain Topography 2:293-302

	develops a model suggesting that cognitive ERP components are a simple
	impulse response of an equivalent linear filter in the cortex and
	suggests an explanation for variability of components in
	single-trial analysis

Clark, C, et al (1991) "Event-related potentials and the spatio-temporal
dynamics of cognitive activity," J Clin & Exp Neuropsychology 13:429

	uses artifical neural network techniques to quantify variability
	and to recognise cognitive components in single trials

Hans Stampfer at Perth has done some nice work using the Hilbert kernel to
show that ERP variability is determined by pre-stimulus EEG variability
for single sweeps.  I haven't got the citation yet (he doesn't answer his
telephone (!) but will forward this if I can.  In the past I've tried using
ZFT, wavelet analysis and even the Wigner-Ville kernel to come to more or less
the same conclusions as Hans.  Nothing published yet, however.

I personally think we need much more work on both single-sweep ERPs and
estimation of variability.  I applaud your interest.

>I did see Dr. Barrett's posting, and I have read papers from D. G. Thomas,
>C. M. Neer, J. M. Price, and H. J. Michalewski, D. K. Prasher, A. Starr.

Would you be so kind as to either post these citations or email them to me?

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