headphones for stimulus delivery in ERP recording

Matthew Belmonte mbelmont at sdcc3.ucsd.edu
Mon Oct 11 23:27:54 EST 1993

The lab that I work in is looking for good headphones for stimulus delivery,
and we thought we might be able to find someone on the net who already has
considered this question.  We need phones that won't slip on the ear (this is
the problem that we've been having with our current setup), produce no
artifact in the EEG recording, and are available here in the United States.

We're also curious about how involved people have got about calibrating
headphones.  Of course some degree of variability can't be avoided, since the
biological transducer itself varies across individuals.  But we would at least
like to verify that the headphones are delivering the sound levels that we
specify.  All our facility has in the way of sound metres is a rather unwieldy
device several feet long with a large aperture.  We'd like to know how detailed
other people have been about calibrating such delivery devices, and how it's
been accomplished.

Please e-mail responses to me, mbelmonte at ucsd.edu.  I'll post a summary if
there is interest.  Thanks.
Matthew Belmonte	mbelmonte at ucsd.edu
`The Bohemian Kingdom' - Risley Residential College for the Creative and
Performing Arts, Ithaca, New York

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