Michael Gazzaniga's Reputation

Richard E. Cytowic MD p00907 at psilink.com
Wed Oct 20 22:26:48 EST 1993

  I heard the following today from a well-known scientist at NIH: "Mike 
Gazzaniga spends a lot of time insisting that he co-discovered the 
split-brain theory."  Quite an indictment.
	I always thought it was Roger Sperry and Ron Meyers, with Joe 
Bogen doing a lot of the early human surgery, and that Gazzaniga was a 
graduate student who joined the bandwagen long after it got rolling.

	The Question is: was he or wasn't he a "co-discoverer?" Is he 
embroidering his role in history as the emminent NIH-er suggests [name 
later], or is this poison politics?
	Knowledgeable comments appreciated.

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