Ibogaine and addiction

jerwin at antioch.edu jerwin at antioch.edu
Thu Oct 28 14:06:13 EST 1993

I recently read in the New York Times (Wednesday, 27 Oct 1993, page b7)
that the FDA has approved the preliminary tests of Ibogaine on
drug abusers.
This drug is supposed to break down an addiction by stimulating 
cells in the cerebellum with the aid of the inferior olive. This
subject has brough up two questions in my mind.
How exactly is the cerebellum related to memory (spec. drug addiction)?
What are the long term effects of Ibogaine treatment. It is believed,
nay proven to be related to the development of ataxia in rats. 
Ibogaine may destroy purkingie cells in the cerebellum. What is the
rate of such destruction, and is this destruction a fair tradeoff
for an end to addiction that amy only be final?
I realize that some of these questions are loaded, having more to do
with ethics than neuroscience, but I am curious as to what standing
such studies havee in the field.
Also, if anyone can direct me to the scientific literature concerning
Ibocaine, I would be most appreciative.

Jeremy Erwin

jerwin at chaos.antioch.edu

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