Wanted: References on cochlear nucleus data

Lynn Winebarger khan at cheshire.oxy.edu
Fri Oct 1 01:22:54 EST 1993

I'm looking for data from experiments on the cochlear nucleus of decerebated
cats.  These experiments were refered to by several writers in _Advances_in_
Hearing_Science (1984).  I'm mainly concerned with the experiments that Young
(not sure of his first name) mentions that allow cells in the cochlear
nucleus to be classified by post-stimulus time histograms (PSTs).
Hopefully someone can point me to a compilation of some of this data in
electronic form.
I'm planning on using this data to test a recurrent neural network
training/testing program to see how well it can learn the temporal patterns.
Thanks in advance,
khan at cheshire.oxy.edu

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