REM detector?

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Fri Oct 1 23:53:54 EST 1993

In article <199310010243.AA02189 at kepler.unh.edu> dmn at kepler.unh.edu (There's a seeker born every minute.) writes:

>   While I'm at it, whatever happened to Jose M.R. Delgado?
>The guy who allegedly implanted electrodes in a bull's head and 
>stopped the bull in it's tracks via remote control. Again, sounds like
>quack stuff, but it intrigues me. Is Delgado still alive? What sort
>of projects has he been involved with since the 60's? 

The only quack stuff was Delgado.  This effect was real, however Delgado
claimed it was due to aggression control.  In fact, if you watch the film
of the event carefully, you will note that the bull always moves in the
same direction.  Essentially, Delgado hit a motor area.  Big deal.  

Last I heard, some 14 years ago or so, he was in Spain or Turkey.  Seems
that he wanted to move his experiments to people, and the laws here are a
bit restrictive.  There was a bit of a flack in that he was working on an
Air Force base, ours.  At least that's what I'd heard.


> Thanks,
>   Dana

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