3-D rat brain model

Douglas Fitts dfitts at carson.u.washington.edu
Sun Oct 3 22:21:36 EST 1993

Sorry, can't help.  I actually tried this once, coding in reference
points from Paxinos & Watson in 3-D and reading them into a home-grown 
3-D graphics program, using curve smoothing to connect the points, and
displaying them on a graphics monitor or Laserjet.  The target was the
lamina terminalis from OX all the way up to DG, including fx, AC, vhc,
etc.  (Yeah, I know, where the H is *etc*?)  Anyway, I got something I
could rotate, all right, but it looked nothing like the brain.  The 
successive slides of P&W aren't really closely aligned, it seems..., but 
also representing fiber bundles with a cable drawing and smoothing 
program is for the birds.  If you attempt a 3-D from P&W, don't do it 
that way :)

If someone has a line on a really good effort at this please be sure to 
post it.  It's likely to be general interest -- and I mean a *PC* 
version, not a Hypercard stack on a MAC, I think there is already a
MAC version out.

Doug Fitts
dfitts at u.washington.edu

kate at cogsci.ed.ac.uk (Kate Jeffery) writes:

>I'm looking for a 3-D representation of the rat brain, with special
>reference to the hippocampal formation and surrounding structures. I
>was wondering if anyone knows of a possible source, before I sit down
>and trace in the Paxinos and Watson atlas by hand! 

>Yours hopefully,


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