RFD: sci.med.psychobiology

Robert G. Ruegg ruegg at med.unc.edu
Tue Oct 5 09:23:00 EST 1993

Creation of the unmoderated group sci.med.psychobiology
This is a revised repost of the RFD posted originally on 8/30/93 about
In order to minimize overlap with sci.psychology, I am proposing the name
of this proposed newsgroup be sci.med.psychobiology. Others have pointed
out the overlap problem and have proposed such names as sci.med.psych and
sci.med.brain.  I understand that sci.med.brain was proposed in the past,
but defeated, perhaps because neurology or neurosurgery felt that term
overlapped their turf.  Therefore this RFD.
Cross-posted to:

sci.med.psychobiology will be a common forum for discussions and
announcements among those interested in such scientific aspects of
psychiatry and psychobiology as:
-clinical psychiatry, 
-inheritance of psychiatric illness, 
-behavioral genetics,
-somatization disorder
-psychiatric education and training
-research support and funding
-research training
I personally would like to see the following issues appear in *another
forum* in *another hierarchy* since they are not specifically scientific.
However, I would not vote against a charter which included them if the
majority so wished.
-liaison with the rest of medicine
-liaison with the public
-government/policy issues
-RVBS and other reimbursement issues
1) It is tedious and inconvenient to sort through the 500 or so articles
which appear on sci.med every few days for the ones related to psychiatry.
2) If a more concentrated and focused gathering of minds can occur, 
     a) we, as a discipline, can more efficiently process and integrate
new discoveries and ideas, and
     b) we may reach a "critical mass" and be capable of generating
seminal new ideas in a way not possible elsewhere.  
(liberally plagiarized and adapted from the posting of Ron Dippold)
sci.med.psychobiology will be an important step in linking everyone
interested in scientific psychiatry and psychobiology together. 
Professionals can exchange clinical information, research ideas, news,
events, techniques, and get feedback from people interested in psychiatry.
 Everyone interested in psychiatry and psychobiology can also get
up-to-date information about clinical psychiatry, psychiatric and
psychobiological research, organized psychiatric and psychobiological
gatherings, and more.  To accomplish all of these goals with the thousands
of psychiatric and psychobiological professionals all over the globe, the
creation of sci.med.psychobiology is essential.
Discussion so far:
sci.med.brain and sci.med.psych have been suggested as alternate titles.
Little response to these suggestions so far. 1 or 2 voices in favor of
opening the charter to discussion of stigma, liaison, reimbursement, etc.
A dozen or 2 positive responses to the original RFD.

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