3-D rat brain model

Kate Jeffery kate at cogsci.ed.ac.uk
Wed Oct 6 05:03:37 EST 1993

In article <28o4s0$hac at news.u.washington.edu> dfitts at carson.u.washington.edu (Douglas Fitts) writes:
>Sorry, can't help.  I actually tried this once, coding in reference
>points from Paxinos & Watson in 3-D ......>... Anyway, I got something I
>could rotate, all right, but it looked nothing like the brain.  The 
>successive slides of P&W aren't really closely aligned, it seems...
>If someone has a line on a really good effort at this please be sure to 
>post it.  It's likely to be general interest -- and I mean a *PC* 
>version, not a Hypercard stack on a MAC, I think there is already a
>MAC version out.

Yes a couple of people have mentioned a package on the Mac called
BrainBrowser, although it sounds like it would need to be converted
from a series of slices to a 3-D model. The Paxinos and Watson atlas
was constructed from over a hundred brains so the smoothing would be a
formidable task. What is really needed is someone with the patience to
sit down and slice and draw a single brain. Any anatomists out there
could be tempted?! From the replies I've had it sounds like there
might be a healthy market...


Kate Jeffery, Dept. of Pharmacology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland UK

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