Request upon ANN and brain architecture

rouzies rouzies at apollo3.eis.enac.dgac.fr
Thu Oct 7 14:12:45 EST 1993

    My fellow student and I have to an English project consisting in
and presenting a report on ''Neural Networks'' (especially on the link between
the ANN and the architecture of the brain). Then we are looking for as many
informations as possible about :

       1. The Brain
		- briefly how does it work (knowledge & data processing).
		- main words; vocabulary in order to make a glossary.
		- living architectures like the brain's NN.
		- does it exist other kinds of natural NN than the Brain.
       2. Parallelism ANN // Brain. Modelisations.
    We would be looking for Igor Aleksander's address, fax or E-mail too.

Thanking in advanced.

Anne ROUZIES (rouzies at eis.enac.dgac.fr)
Alexis LIAUD (liaud at eis.enac.dgac.fr)

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