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In article <29elr0INN181 at usenet.pa.dec.com> stark at dwovax.enet.dec.com (Todd I. Stark) writes:
>A recent book, The Making of Memory, by Steven Rose, seems to me
>to be an unusual and useful introduction into the world of neuroscience
>_The_Making_Of_Memory_ (_From_Molecules_to_Mind_),
>takes the non-specialist reader on an interesting tour through the mind and
>30 years work of this theoretical and experimental neuroscientist,
>who offers his thoughts on mind, body, memory, and science in general,
>and an inside look at what really happens in a memory research lab.
>It is very illuminating in spots as to the kinds of knowledge we have
>about the cellular and biochemical basis of memory and cognition,
>how we know what we know; and gives provides some lucid background
>on the most famous and influential experiments and discoveries in
>neuroscience related to memory, and those on which the various claims
>about nootropics and such are based.  
>Some of the readers here may have caught Rose's review of 
>"nootropics" in _New_Scientist_, a few months ago, and seen that he
>is a supporter of pharmacological memory research, but somewhat critical
>of the notion of 'recreational' memory enhancement by chemical means.
>His new book spends very little time on that subject specifically,
>but the reasoning that leads him to his position is gently made very 
>Both an inside glimpse into real working 
>neuroscience, and an atypical introduction into memory research.
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Todd, could you give the full publishing details please.

Thanks Geoff.
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