MRI Brain/Head/etc volume data available at this location

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For those interested in MRI raw data of the head and brain, this info is


26) Where can I find MRI and CT scan volume data?

Volume data sets are available from the University of North Carolina at
omicron.cs.unc.edu ( in /pub/softlab/CHVRTD.  (Commercial
use is prohibited.)

Head data - A 109-slice MRI data set of a human head.

Knee data - A 127-slice MRI data set of a human knee.

HIPIP data - The result of a quantum mechanical calculation of a SOD data
of a one-electron orbital of HIPIP, an iron protein.

SOD data - An electron density map of the active site of SOD (superoxide

CT Cadaver Head data - A 113-slice MRI data set of a CT study of a cadaver

MR Brain data -  A 109-slice MRI data set of a head with skull partially
removed to reveal brain.

RNA data - An electron density map for Staphylococcus Aureus Ribonuclease.

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